Thursday, January 24, 2008


So, I think we have decided that this is Caelyn's first time seeing snow... well like actual snow that sticks on the ground! And the last time Carson saw snow, he was about 8 months old. So there wasn't enough to go sledding... but the kids were so excited. School was cancelled (along with the gym :( ) So we went to the movies! Even the Veggies Tales movie wasn't enough to distract them from the snow. We had more snow 2 days later, no more than a inch. Luckily it was on the weekend and no school to miss. Caelyn is very in to how she looks recently. She used to cry and fuss when I tried to comb her hair, now she runs and gets her brush. She picks out her hair bows and is very particular that they match. So lately she has been wearing her sunglasses and hats (to keep her hair and her eyes warm!). This is what we found on midnight rounds...

Just thought this was a cute pic of Carson. It was taken a couple weeks ago....


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