Thursday, July 3, 2008

We spend the weekend celebrating Judy's 60th birthday. We traveled to Blowing Rock, had a picnic and did a great 2.5 mile hike around the lake. The kids are growing by leaps and bounds! The both walked the entire way, with just a few whines towards the end.
They are still swimming on a daily basis, getting stronger and more tan as the summer goes on. They are however, completely enjoying staying up later. We are more than excited about celebrating July 4th tomorrow. We will making our annual trip to the town of Faith, NC to enjoy their awesome firework display. Surprisingly, Carson remembers almost every detail from last year. Amazing. The kids are becoming more excited by the day about spending the week at the beach. They have already started packing!

Our new 'nice' neighbors have moved in. They don't have kids, but it's refreshing to have neighbors that are more our age, and aren't evil! They were living in a one bedroom house with no dishwasher.

I've created a 'baby blog' to keep you up to date. It's still almost hard to remember on a daily babis that I'm pregnant. Just bear with the pictures, I've never been the flattering pregnant one! It's


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