Sunday, August 10, 2008

Enjoying summer!

We are finally settling into our summer routine, only to have school start in 3 short weeks. The kids are more tan than ever. Definitely swimming better than ever.
We have ventured to the beach for a relaxing vacation....Here are only a couple of the hundreds of pictures we took!

I just couldn't resist. Thank God for outdoor showers, still trying to convince Chad we need one!

I couldn't resist!
Carson completely master the boogie board, after about 2 minutes instruction!

Who can resist the sleeping kid pictures? They were totally worn out!

Here is an updated pic of Caelyn's hair! It has definitely been a blessing this summer and we still get comments on how cute it is!

So we are taking the kids to Carowinds tomorrow! The weather has been cooler, and it's one of our last days together before school starts. Wednesday Carson has his kindergarten assessment. We're really unsure what it is or why they are doing it, hopfully after Thursday we'll be a little more prepared to start. We are still amazed that we have a kindergartner! He is still very excited to start.

On another note, Chad has shingles. He has several small areas on the back of his head, behind his ear and on his jaw bone. The rash has mostly subsided, however the pain remains. He is unable to tolerate the pain meds, so Ibuprofen is the strongest he is taking. The docs say that shingles makes an appearance in times of stress.... I can't imagine what he has to be stressed about?

So, that's all for now. we keep you updated on school, Chad and baby status!


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