Monday, September 14, 2009

Happy Birthday to my one and only...

Hog Jog 2009!
Happy Bithoday honey!

So I have to admit...we were a little lacking in the party division of Chad's birthday this year. Needless to say.... we kept very busy!

Chad ran his first 5k, and my second! He did great, and I beat my previous time by 2 minutes. Total time was 26:30! I might mention that I finished 197 out of 700! Whoppe!! We did get to complete the race and celebrate with all the beer and bbq we could eat. How much beer can one drink at 9:00 after running 3 miles? Hmmm?

Here are our official run times!

We went to a wedding, and reception and were beat!

I have to admit that live is chaois at the least right now. Dance, soccer, homework, readying folders... not to mention work and running. Seems we haven't quite figured out our 'grove' yet. Definitely lots to do around here.
Carson has lost another tooth. Carrigan now has 4!

My big 5 mile run is this weeked! And Mexico is only 10 short days away. Too say that we were looking forward to it would simply be an injustice.


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