Friday, October 30, 2009

These days.

Last weekend Chad and I celebrated (once again) Andy's and Jenny's nuptials! Since they were married in Mexico, they had a wedding reception here. My pictures were even displayed! We had a great adult evening out.
Shauna, my running idol. I only aspire to run with her!The ER crew!
Looking for things to do with 3 kids, and grandma in tow..

We found ourselves at Carrigan Farms. The kids had a great time, and even let me take some pictures.

Carrigan is trying so hard to walk. This week she stood up by herself, then took 4 steps! Were amazed. Everyday she is more and more confident, but so far will only take 8-10 steps unassisted. Her preferred method is definitely crawling.

We had Carson's parent-teacher conference today. He is doing amazing. It's very difficult to explain, or for me to even understand, how many different skills and levels and ways of testing there are. I believe his teacher when she says he is doing excellent. On one scale the other kids in the class are averaging 3-4, Carson is a 12. The average class goal by the end of first grade is a 12. He is reading better than 98% of the kids his age, nationally. In NC schools you cannot be tested for an 'advanced gifted' program until the third grade. Mrs. Dixon and the 'AG' teacher have developed a program for Carson to encourage him to his full potential. Wow.

School parties all week! I've started a blog for Caelyn's kindergarten class. Here's the link...


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