Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Can't keep up,,,,

Between my growing belly and Carson's growing vocabulary I'm having trouble keeping up these days!!

At school Carson and his class were learning about Johnny Appleseed. They had a day where they sampled apple 'stuff'. Apple juice, apple sauce, apple cinnamon cheerios and of course apples. Carson came home from school asking me if I knew what it was called when apples go brown. Why of course, it's called oxidation! Exactly what I thought my kindergartner would be learning!

We were having difficulties getting Caelyn to eat at meal times. She won't sit still, she plays.... so we have solved the dilemma! She loves Carrigan's highchair, and ate her entire meal for the first time in weeks! Whatever works!

Grandma came to visit for a whole week! We had lots of fun...
Thanks to Pops & Nana for the adorable jammies! These are now the kids favorites, now if we could just get some cooler weather so they don't sweat to death in them!
Just have to add these pictures in, I can't seem to get enough of these cute kids!!


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