Friday, November 28, 2008

Baby days, again....

Life with 3 kids! Wow! Carrigan is absolutley amazing, beautiful, petite and sweet. We are loving having a baby around. Carson and Caelyn are always willing to help, except for diaper changes! We had her first and second dr's apt's this week. Her weight was down to 6 pounds 8 ounces both Monday and Wednesday. And because she had such bad bruising during delivery she was more at risk for jaundice. She was pretty yellow Monday morning, but a blood test confirmed nothing to worry about. We are hoping she will be back at her birth weight by Wednesday. Here are some updated pictures....

Black eyes and all...

We all enjoyed the Salisbury Parade on Wednesday. We camped out in the back of the van all afternoon to wait for Santa!
The chair for the nursery was finally delivered! Chad finished the lighting on the cabinets, so almost done! Just a couple of things to hang on the walls!

Here is Carson's new best friend! This is James and jody's new puppy Madeline. Carson has fallen in love!

Carson came home from school Tuesday like this! Too cute! His Indian name is 'Hooting Owl'! We have an Indian name for Jake too is 'Puking dog'!


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