Friday, November 6, 2009

Baby love...

I cannot believe how fast the last year has flown by, in 2 short weeks Carrigan will be one! Completely amazing that this time last year I was miserably pregnant. She has grown so much over the last several days. She now can sign more and all done. She occasionally plays peek-a-boo, mostly laughing hysterically. She can say mama, dada, and nana, 'No No!' and wave bye-bye. She took 10 steps yesterday, on her own. She is still 24 pounds (hasn't gained any in 3 months!) She loves the bath tub, insists on snuggle time before bed but is absolutely ready to be alone when she falls asleep. Unplanned as she was, someone else knew our family would not be complete with her giggles, her thighs and her food on the floor.


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