Wednesday, January 13, 2010

January update..

Great pic of 'my boys'!

Yes, due to the extreme cold blast Jake is back inside. I am not sure who is more happy about it! In fact, I think Jake has even resulted to faking an injury. It seems every time he is inside he looks at us with these sad eyes and limps on his right front paw. When he's outside he is running around like a crazy dog! Hmmm...?

Carson has suffered yet another peritonsillar abcess, 2nd since Thanksgiving! After a consult with an ENT he will have his tonsils out on friday. We are all very nervous, but feel it is the best plan. Luckily our schools are out Monday, Thursday and Friday of next week. Our doc told us to expect him to be out for a week! We have our fridge (and freezer) stocked with ice cream, apple sauce, yogurts and pudding. You name... we have it!

The girls are fantastic! Carrigan has learned to give hugs and has to hug everyone. So far nobody seems to mind! She's not only walking, but running and pushing and throwing! (she too likes jake being in the house!) And she wouldn't be a Michael if she wasn't a picky eater. Her foods of choice now are bananas, chicken, yogurt, chicken, chocolate chip cookies and... chicken!

We think she is mocking Carson who ALWAYS has his nose in book! He is now 264% of his reading goal and on his 'leveled' reading book...well they don't have any harder books. He has completed all of them! Smart boy!


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