Sunday, February 21, 2010

Over it!

Align CenterI can honestly say that the last 30 days have been the worst, illness speaking, in the Michael family. I think everyone knows thus far... so, last Thursday Caelyn initiated the GI virus. 24 hours of vomiting and fever, Carson followed, then Carrigan... and Chad. Seems he got the worst of it! I have definitely seen more vomit this week than a whole year in the ER! Seems I was spared, just several hours of nausea and a fever. Just long enough for a bit of sympathy :)

So,after lysol and Clorox and a bit of fresh air... I believe we are OVER IT! (only took 9 days!)

We escaped outside to enjoy some of the nice weather (and of course my camera was in tow)

I have more pics on my photography website of the photo shoots I was finally able to make-up!

So ready for spring, so ready for illnesses to be banished from our house!


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