Saturday, May 15, 2010

Swim, bike, run...

My mentor, and incredible friend... Sarah. Yes, my cap is a little... um... weird.

Sometimes I feel like our schedules are a grueling... I will meet you here with x-kid, you drop x-kid off while I run x-kid there. Planning for the weeks lunches, bringing snacks to baseball, taking birthday snacks to school. It is always something. So, since my new found interest in doing triathlons I didn't realize this would have such a huge impact on the entire family. They rock, no other way to put it. The kiddos would do anything (especially when I come home with a medal!) But Chad is incredible, amazing and selfless. He rearranges schedules brings kids where they need to be... and oh yah is the BEST cheerleader ever!
I am so lucky.

Leaving swim (6 laps)... beginning bike (11.4 miles).

End of bike... finally! Curvy, hilly and narrow roads! I am having helmet issues. Apparently I rode the 12 miles with my helmet crooked!

Run 3.1 miles

Finish!! My overall time for this one was 1:20. It was a whole 7 minutes slower than the last. The course was significantly more hilly. All is all... I did good. I finished first for my age group (out of 11) and 10th overall women (out of 50). Today while I was biking, I swore this would be my last...tonight I signed up for my next one on June 5th.


Everyone in this pic is from Salisbury. We all 'medaled'!


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