Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Bubbles never get old...

Love, love love this picture! I am somewhat picky (so hard to believe). But this one fits the bill! :)
Yes, I am the only one that update my blog! So here are a couple pics of what we have been up to. Kids are officially out of school and keeping me running ;0 Extrememly nice not to have to worry about punching a time clock this summer.

Caelyn has her dance recital this weekend. She is so excited, but has informed me that she remembers 'almost none' of the steps! Oh, well! It's fun! Should make great pics at the least! Carson is spending the week with Uncle Eric, Aunt Mary and cousin Ben! He has his first (half week) of over-night camp next week. Almost in disbelief he is old enough to do that.

For Father's Day Chad and I have (oddly) decided to do a triathlon together! Yikes! I am mildly freaking out right now because i have just realized that i have entered my swim time about 10 seconds too fast. To completely understand... you enter your 100 meter swim time and they 'seed' you from fastest to slowest. This decreases the bunching up or passing in the lanes. Lots of times people over or underestimate their times. For some reason I tend to panic regardless how accurate my time is. For sure this one is not accurate. So, Happy Father's Day honey! (and btw.... I am not letting him win! ;)- )


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