Tuesday, December 2, 2008

12 days old...

'Tis the season!! It's definitely Christmas when Caelyn walks around the house making up her own Christmas carols!

I'm really not sure what this was all about...? She was really happy though!

Have I mentioned how nice it is to not be pregnant? Not quite to my pre-pregnancy body!

We have officially run out of mom's great leftovers :( Chad is very sad...

We spent the weekend putting up Christmas decorations. The kids picked out a great tree, too bad they weren't the ones that had to get it into the house! Yes, we put up all 3 trees again. Carrigan is just going to have to wait until next year to get her own.

It's very different around here at least for an hour every morning. Not only is it taking 2 of us to get 3 kids dressed, fed, and to school on time...but it requires a whole lot of preparation! We are still working out the kinks. We're getting better though.

Here are some baby pics. She is beginning to stay awake for longer periods of time. No intentional smiles yet. She loves to be warm and snuggle, then again who doesn't? She is still sleeping great, we'll see what tomorrow brings. Her next check-up is Thursday. Can't wait to see how big she's gotten!

In memory of Sydney... I was looking back through old photos to see how much Carrigan resembles Caelyn. I found this pic and I just couldn't resist! This was February 2005!


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