Friday, December 19, 2008

Total bliss........

Complete and total bliss for someone... She seems to sink into our bed and pass out for hours on end. Gone are the days I could sleep like this!

She is still sleeping amazing. Usually waking just once, last night it wasn't even to eat. I think she just wanted me to remember that she was there, then back to sleep.

Carson participated in the Millbridge tradition of Christmas Author's Day. Everyone had family attend, the read stories they wrote and there was food, of course! This is Ms. Lindsey, Carson's assistant teacher.

All 4 of us went to kindergarten this morning for about 4 hours! This is Mrs. Ritchie, she let Caelyn play kindergartner all morning... boy was she happy! Mrs. Ritchie was a great sport, allowing all of us to participate and help (somewhat). We are so lucky to have a great teacher for Carson. We can already see how much he has grown.

I couldn't resist this. About 30 minutes before all of the parents arrived the kids were going to

'help' clean off the tables. To do this the teachers would put shaving cream on the table, the kids would spread it around while cleaning the tables at the same time. They are Saints!!! I don't know how they do that. I just kept telling Carson he'd better be glad he gets to do that at school, because it definitely wasn't happening at home!

2 weeks out of school? Who's idea was this?


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