Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Another week...

AFter gymnastics: Best friend Anna and Laney!
Girls evening! Caelyn said the wine tasted like lemonade :)

Boys night at the Monster Truck show! Carson and best friend Luke!

Wow, all 4 of us in one picture! Amazing!

Too cute!
Gettin' some daddy love...
We're thinking Caelyn taught her this. Looks like she has already mastered it! Hmm....

This is sweet Carrigan...
We've changed her reflux medicine because we were unsure if it was helping. It seems that it was at least helping a little... and that it's gotten worse. We are giving it 2 weeks before we make any decisions. She's happy and gaining weight and sleeping through the night but spitting up excessively! We'll take the good with the bad.


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