Wednesday, January 21, 2009

2 months already..?

We had her 2 month apt today. She weighs 11 pounds 14 ounces. Which is 50%. Carson at 2 months weighed 14 pounds (starting at 8.9), Caelyn weighed only 10 pounds (starting at 6.4)- this was just after the time she was hospitalized and lost a bunch of weight. Anyways, Carrigan is right on track! Happy and healthy, can't ask for much more.
The 3 shots she got today weren't much fun, but she has been a trooper!

She was started on an acid reflux med today to see if we can remedy her excessive spitting-up. Anything would be an improvement!

Wow! Obviously too many dress up clothes! I'm not even sure Caelyn realized what a mess she made... oh wait... I'm know she didn't!

Fighting so hard to stay awake... this was at breakfast!!
Too sweet!
Caelyn loves her little sister!

Too funny!

I'm hoping this is what her personality will be like :)
Her first real smile was on Saturday, made it almost imposible for me to leave for work.
She has always been a great sleeper, and since last Wednesday she has starting sleeping through the night! Granted she sleeps sitting up due to her reflux, but who cares! Definitely the difference between the first and the third kid. Whatever it takes.


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