Thursday, January 1, 2009

Row, row, row your boat...

I honestly didn't know what to name this blog. You'll understand, just keep reading.

Happy New Year! We spent New Years Eve organizing. Go figure. Most of the evening was spent organizing and reorganizing Christmas decorations. Honestly, it was nice to have it over with and put away. Still so much kid stuff around here! Clothes, clothes and more clothes!! Arrh! But on a lighter note...Carrigan slept for 8 hours in one stretch. I think we even wore her out, or maybe we were just too tired to hear her cries. Se continues to spit up, a lot! I think it bother us more than her. She is still amazingly calm. She is beginning to smile, I still think it's nonpurposeful. But she is such a pleasure to have around. I've even gotten the kids calling her 'baby meatloaf'.
I do have to mention that Chad did got up with Carrigan this week. We had worked out so hard that my legs just wouldn't work. I just asked and he got up, first time. No complaining! Wow.

Thanks to mom for the great bath robes! They are definitely a hit! Thanks also for the seat cushion for Carrigan's room, it's beautiful.
Here is James and Caelyn playing 'dress- up' I'm so glad Caelyn has friends that like the same things she does!!
My mom has come to town for a visit, and to meet Carrigan. We braved the mall for a 'Build-a-bear' adventure. The kids had a blast. We now have 2 new additions to the Michael family.

Meet Cinderella and Coby. Carson and Caelyn have become surprisingly attached to these two very quickly. They both have their own beds, where they are put to bed (complete with covers and pillows) every night. They came with us to the fire station tonight. When I asked the kids to 'strap up' in the car... I turned around to notice that they both had their 'pet' on the lap strapped in with them! Carson even went so far as to bring Caelyn's baby doll stroller with us. Before bed I noticed Coby in his bed and his shirt next to his bed. Carson just said, 'mommy we don't sleep in our clothes'. He's right.We spent New Year's Day at the fire station with daddy! Here's Carrigan's first picture of a fire truck! Carson is getting more and more comfortable with her everyday.
Row, row, row your boat... or hit your brother in the head!
Here's to New Year's resolutions... I won't let having 3 kids stop us! I even braved Target with all 3 of them, alone. One step at a time. (I won't mention that it honestly took 2 1/2 hours to get out of the house!)


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