Saturday, December 27, 2008

Caelyn update...

Our visit to the pediatrician..

Caelyn has fractured her third metatarsal, or the third bone in her foot. It is minimally swollen and she still has a little limp. Luckily it is a hairline fracture and the only treatment is to wear a hard soled shoe.

This morning she woke-up with a fever of 102.7! Argh!!

On another note... my mom came into town yesterday and we decided ot brave the movies. We saw 'Marley and Me'. While a very cute movie, not appropriate for kids. Caelyn fell asleep about 1/2 through and Carson was ready to leave. He did pay attention as he could tell us all about how Marley was. It just wasn't the best movie for kids. Oh, well. Carrigan completely enjoyed the dark, and being held.


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