Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My meatloaf

I'm not sure how the 'meatloaf' thing came about, but it has certainly stuck. Carrigan is my 'meatloaf'. Round and squishy and yummy in all the right places! She is now 6 weeks old, hard to believe. She continues to be more alert. Still no intentional smiles, but maybe starting to coo a little. She still proves to be an excellent sleeper. She definitely comes by it honestly.

I started back to work yesterday. It was only 1/2 a shift, but felt more like 2 shifts. It was nice to be surrounded by friends and encouraging words, many of which began with, 'you are already back?'. My first 12 hour shift isn't until Saturday.

Over the weekend we visted family. For the first time, we officially forgot our daughter. We were packing up to leave and we had put her down in the swing. She was fast asleep and we walked out, hands full, and left her in the swing. My stepmom noticed first. Well, we had had dreams that it has happened... and at least we didn't leave her in the car. It's hard to leave the talking kids some where.


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