Sunday, March 1, 2009

Odds & Ends...

Amazing to see that she actually fits into this hat now... check back a couple of postings to see how it was falling off of her! Reflux seems to be getting better. She is still on the 2 meds. We aren't complaining at all!

Silly picture from work... We made a photo album for a friend that was leaving.

Just a quick pic before running out the door to church! We officially joined our new church today. Most of you already know that we'll be getting Carrigan baptized on March 15th. We hope everyone can come celebrate with us.
Our busy, busy spring is already beginning. Carson starts t-ball practice this Wednesday. He will practice twice week until opening day on March 28. Caelyn still has gymnastics on Thursday evenings. She has moved up to the next level, and is doing well. We are anticipating starting soccer within the next few weeks also. Although I will have many opportunities to take pictures, who knows if I will have the time to post them!


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