Monday, June 21, 2010

36 North Tri...Tanglewood (or tangle feet)

The body marking is still my favorite part!

So Chad and I have been conflicted about these triathlons. I love training for them, but I am also trying to recover from stress fractures. He enjoys training but doesn't have the time. And We certainly don't have the extra cash lying around to do this as much as we would like. (Each tri can be as much as $75 per person! And we typically have to pay a sitter for the kiddos) So for Father's Day we decided that since we had child care, we would both go for it. It is a little bigger event than the past ones, but seemed like a good time!

So, for the best part of the story... I like to warm up a little on bike and then warm up running a little. Just to get the feel of the course. I honestly don't remember exactly what happened but I know I wasn't even moving when I fell off my bike. My foot was clipped in to my pedal and I couldn't get it out so all of my body weight and the bike landed on my right knee. Embarrasing! So, glad Chad was there to doctor me up... dry my tears and shove me into the water at the start of the race. Yes, I did the race... start and finished. My run time was nothing short of miserable as it was merely a jog. I was sweating so bad that I kept having to lean down and wipe the blood from running down my leg. (sorry for the gory details).

To make matters even better, we had to hurry home to pick-up Carson and get him 2 1/2 hours away to camp! There was no time for a doctor, much less a shower. Thankfully we finally found a Urgent Care that stayed open past 5:00 (which apparently most don't). The PA was fantastic, and we created a much better 'story' for what really happened. :)

Just after we finished, notice the knee :(

My rockin' hubby! On Father's Day!

Just after 'it' happened

I have never actually been a patient in the back of an ambulance before. We were both pretty embarrased for the 'care' they attempted to provide. But.... whatever!

Needless to say I have a MANDATORY 2-week rest. No swimming, running or biking! I can't make any promises how long this will last!


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