Thursday, August 12, 2010


Our FL trip! Well, we decided that it isn't often that we can just pick up and go where we want when we want so we did! Chad packed up the van (kudos to him- he has some crazy amazing talent to make things fit... still working on marketing that!) and I left with the kids. Yes, just me and the 3. I was a little worried because our recent beach trip was not to much fun. But everyone actually did fantastic! Not one complaint, and no ear plugs. :) We left Tuesday and since Chad was working he flew down friday.

We had such a great time! The kids stayed with camp grandma, which I honestly can't believe I didn't get a picture of! It was a fort in the corner. They honestly slept and napped there the entire time! Crazy kids!

One thing I have been trying to complete is Carrigan's profile. We had the older two done several years ago and when I found out I was pregnant I went to get the same frame. It has been empty now (on the wall) for almost 2 years. We unsuccessfully attempted the profiles in april. But i was determined. So we braved downtown Disney. Now, mind you I love these profiles. I love the fact that when we had them done, the artist was fantastic with the kids, she was quick and friendly AND they look amazing. So, this time I expected nothing less. Wrong. The man couldn't have been more opposite. It was torture to say the least. Of course we pay... then look at them. They were horrible! Horrible! Horrible! There is no way to make Carrigan not look cute, just isn't possible. So we truck on over to customer service. 10 minutes later we had 4 free Disney tickets (apparently they do the profiles on main street). Seriously! Was that easy, and we got our money back for the horrible ones. :) I love a deal, and the kids LOVE Disney!

So, here are some pics from dowtown Disney...

Giradelli ice cream... a Michael favorite.


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