Saturday, August 21, 2010

Still catching up...

So the pics I am starting with are of our Disney trip... Carrigan's first time! She was completely captivated by every moment. In fact, she only napped for about 30 minutes the whole day! All
3 of the kids loved the fireworks, and the Haunted Mansion didn't even phase them. I honestly feel like we have Disney 'down'. We know the in's and out's and know exactly when to hit the rides, the food... everything! And we definitely have learned NOT to do than one park without a rest day in between.
Other happenings...

We are tentatively planning a joint birthday party for Caelyn and Carrigan on October 23. Hoping for some cooler weather. Should be fun x2!

The big kids start school on Wednesday. Carson and Caelyn both got the teachers I requested. These teachers are phenomenal! We are super excited for a great year. Within the next 2 weeks Caelyn will be starting gymnastics and Carson will be starting swim team. I can't be more thankful that I can carpool them to and from their 'events'.

Um.... I completely tri#6 of the summer this morning. It was quite different from the rest. I drove up to Raleigh all by myself, stayed in a hotel.... all by myself. Was very different. I chose this hotel because it was nice, and quiet. Nice and quiet. I only repeat that because the fire alarm went of 3 times. Only between the hours of 11:30 and 4:30. Needless to say I didn't sleep very much, luckily I am used to that. The swim was a bit longer than my presvious tri's... this one was 400 meters, where I usually do 300 meters (8 laps vs 6). Of course my big mistake was losing my goggles 3 seconds before I was to start. They were on the bottom of the pool. So, it took me a couple laps to get in the grove, and I was convinced I lost a contact in the whole ordeal. I didn't and all was good. It was nearly perfect weather. It's hard to compare times with previous tri's because each is a different event. They may be similar distances but some are much more hilly, more hot, rainy. But, all in all it was a good day. My shin's are doing well. Surprisingly I switched back to my old running shoes and it seems to have fixed 'it'. Forgot to mention I placed 2nd today in my age group. I won a towel! The kids (and I) were pretty disappointed. A white towel. Oh, well. Good accomplishment.

We are hoping to teach our kids to keep busy and lead a healthy lifestyle. When leaving the Y last week Carson asked when he was going to be able to workout after school starts! Too silly. I reassured him he could start running with me, in addition to swim team. I think he is temporarily ok with that answer.

Results.... motivation by Caelyn... it says, 'Caelyn, Mommy I LOVE YOU!'

Chad and I are debating long tri next weekend. It would be our first open water swim, and a longer distance. And the bike! It is super hilly and about 5 miles longer than what we are used to. What's life without a challenge here and there... right? I could always fall off my bike and need stitches...or lose my goggles!


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