Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Learning lessons...

Someone who doesn't mind having her picture taken....

I am learning that as I try to teach my kids new things every day, it seems they are teaching me more than I can keep up with. In not so many words Carson and I came to the realization that we do things that we love because we love to do them. Sounds pretty basic. But after all is said and done, it is probably forgotten by most. I enjoy my pictures, so regardless if my kids like to let me take them... I am going to! Ha! Carson didn't exactly like the end of that realization :)

We have also learned to surround ourselves with good people. This is hard for Carson, he has a dear friend who sometimes does bad things and makes bad decisions. There are people that bring you up and people that bring you down. We agreed that we 'are' the people that bring you up and only want to be with those people.

Happy Retirement to Bonnie and Rick! You 2 are an inspiration to our family. Working hard at what you love to do. Glad we could celebrate with you!


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