Sunday, September 5, 2010



I'm not exactly sure why this picture reminds me of sweet Ava, although most things these days remind me of her. We pray for her daily, the kids pray for her. Friends, friends of friends, kids of friends.... are all pulling and praying for Ava. This week has been especially tough on me. Things that used to seem to important to me seem...almost trivial. Blessed to have the 3 most amazing and healthy kids, and one rockin' husband!
I am writing this as I learn the news of Ava's passing... No words to express sympathy to the Hunters right now. I now know why that picture reminds me of Ava. Carrigan knew.

We recently did a photo shoot at this 'farm'. The family has gone out of town for about 2 weeks and have given us access to come 'play'. The kids (and chad) are in love! They have 23 acres, 3 horses, 6 goats, and countless chickens. In this picture Caelyn is eyeing the chickens as they leave the hen house... she wants to see the eggs! Oh, and the outfit was completely her doing, down to brothers boots!

The rest of the pics are me merely loving the gorgeous NC weather.... and my new camera!

It is obvious she was a little cranky? The horses sent her over the edge. I still can't resist her many faces!

Don't think I forgot Carson, he was requesting not to have his picture take today... so I enlisted him as my assistant. All of Carrigan's smiles are because of him. I also bargained with him that I will take him for his own photo shoot. He was surprisingly ok with it.

Turning into such a beautiful little lady.

I do have one more athletic event to blog on... the kids ran in a 1/2 mile fun run! It was really neat.


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