Thursday, May 14, 2009


I can't say enough great things about all of my amazing friends. It seems like this week has been just for you guys! Congrats Ellie... to making it to your last treatment! We love and support you. Besides this picture of you and Carrigan is adorable :)

This is my sweet friend, Landi. Yes, she's only 23 weeks pregnant... with triplet boys! She's beautiful and amazing. Thanks Landi, you're a great friend!
Carrigan's ears.

We got Caelyn's ears pierced at about 9 months. We decided that if we had to do it again we'd do it earlier. So, we did! Carrigan was a trooper. She didn't cry until they finished the second ear. Even then it lasted about 30 seconds. She ate, and hasn't been any different.

Sweet girly ears...

This is Caelyn getting her ears pierced August 20, 2005!
Look ma! I found my toes! She did this for the first time in her crib. I walked in and she had a tight grip on each foot with a look of determination. I've got them!

Carson's new haircut. He has been begging for about 6 months to have his hair like 'daddy'. I was ok with it now that it's gett warmer outside. After she started he didn't say a word, well until he started crying. He says it makes it forehead look big. We love it!

We love livin' in a small town. Once a month Smallsbury has a 'gig' on main street. The shops are open late, there are bounce houses and food. This time the had carriage rides and trolly rides. The weather was perfect and the kids were... perfect! What a great night!
We're getting ready for Carson's big 6th birthday and the last day of school. Caelyn has preschool graduation on Thursday 5/21.


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