Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Our trip began early Sunday morning. We actually left ahead of schedule (we might be getting the hang of this kid thing!) The trip only took 8 hours, due to the fact that Chad seems to think his minivan is a mini-firetruck. The trip was very uneventful, all 3 seemed very excited. The weather when we left NC was aboue 40, when we arrived it was about 80. Poor Carrigan seemed to sweat from the moment we crossed the FL border! It didn't take long for the kids to find the swimming pool.

Monday we tried something a little different. We went to a Pirate Dinner Theater. While we were a little skeptical, it was amazing. During the day Caelyn had developed a fever, Chad a stuffy nose and it was pouring rain outside. So it had the potential to be a miserable night.

Carrigan stayed with grandma and grandpa guy... so it was just the big kids. The whole premise of the pirate show was that each section had their pirate (different colors) representing them. Caelyn and Chad seemed to cheer the loudest (go blue!). Chad even got to participate... he was 'the best pirate' according to the kids! Not only did our blue pirate win the fight, but he also won the girl! It was a great show and a great dinner!

Chad is the one in the middle of the screen... I know hard to see, but it's him!


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