Friday, May 8, 2009

So proud!

So, I'm a little behind. Last week we had a huge party weekend... as we had lots to party about! Carson's 6th birthday (already!). My birthday and Chad's promotion! Lots of friends and family to share it with! We were totally amazed at the monster truck cake a friend made- WOW! And it tasted great!

Carson's birthday gift- a basketball goal!

Many thanks to mom for coming to save the day! We found ourselves in a bit of a scheduling dilema... thanks mom! And she brought cake!!

Promotion day!!!

Today was a special day for us. Chad was officially made a Captain at Charlotte Fire. They had a traditional badge pinning promotional ceremony early this morning. We decided that this day doesn't come often so we kept Carson out of school. The kids were troopers! It was truely a proud moment. Chad works hard, he's great at what he does and he hates us making a fuss over him. Here are some pics from his special day.

'The boys' as Caelyn calls them! Just a couple of the awesome men who Chad has worked with the last 3 years at Station 1o.


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