Friday, October 1, 2010

Life's "Tri'als

So, last Sunday was a big event for me. I had several first time friend participating in the tri with me and It was the largest event I had done. Always makes it more difficult. It was my first ALL women event also. Come to find out, my swim time was entered 10 seconds too fast. 10 seconds is a lot in the pool! I was a bit nervous. My starts number was 18, but since they had 2 start sides I was actually number 9! Yikes! Well, the swim was fantastic! I actually ended up passing someone and know one even got close to passing me. I might have beat my best time had it not taken me 3 attempts to get out of the pool. I just kept slipping on the ladder! Oh, well.

The bike was a short quick, easy ride... well other than noticing my helmet was on backwards! Ha! Only me. I couldn't decide it I should leave it, stop and turn it, or attempt to turn it while riding. Well, I decided that I was not stopping! So I did it while riding. The only tricky part was clasping it with one hand. That is clearly a 2-hand job! Anyways, the weather held out for every participant, but poured... completely with lightening and thunder during awards. I finished 16th overall (out of around 1300) and 2nd in my age group. I was happy with that finish. I am about 75% convinced that my tri season is over. Not only is it getting colder but I am navigating through some medical issues. We will see... I am not 100% convinced!

So, Chad gets a call Wed afternoon informing him that he needed to be in charlotte in about 2 hours. Their USAR (Urban Search and Rescue Team) was being deployed to the coast for flooding. The initial reports were 2 days. They have since been extended to 5, possibly 6 days. The last 2 days he has spent reinforcing local task forces. Nothing too exciting. Early this morning they changed locations. He is now way out in the middle of nowhere. This rural area has no access to EMS or medical care. If things get back, they will get bad quickly. So far the news is reporting 26 inches of rain since sunday and 7 deaths. They are calling this the 100 year flood. He is happy... what man isn't... playing with big ropes, boat and power tools. Not to mention having a hot meal handed to them 3 times a day... not knowing where it came from (or caring). We pray that they give aid where it is needed, but be safe in the process. The kids miss their daddy terribly...

Here are just a couple pics he sent me. This is his pimpin' ride!

My favorite! I love the flamingo's!


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