Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Snow Hunt!

Align CenterOur snow hunt this year was fantastic! We woke the kids up super early and kept it a secret! It was very exciting, even though we had some flurries at home the day before. Chad and I kept joking how many times we heard, 'Dad, dad... it's SNOWING!' by Carrigan. She just stood at the window with her nose to it forever!

Anyways, this first tree farm we attempted... the owner was ahead of us in his truck. Needless to say he was unable to get up the mountain (he kept sliding back towards us!)

The next place we went we realized that the temperature was about 7 degrees and large wind gusts. We put the older kids in every layer we brought with us and they went for a hunt. Chad didn't take long to find our tree! We warmed up inside with some hot cider...mmm...

This was the wife of the tree farm owner, the kids truley believe she was an elf...

The kids were all begging for some sledding fun so we trekked up to our favorite spot on Beech Mountain! Boy was it cold and snowy... but everyone had a blast! Not a complaint for either (big) kid!

A beautiful tree and some tired kiddos!


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