Sunday, October 31, 2010

Barney's Halloween Bash!

Stone Mountain Georgia!

We camped at Stone Mountain Park about 5 years ago, we had such great memories that we were wanting to try it again. We couldn't have had better timing! The trees were perfectly changing colors, and the weather was absolutely amazing! What better motivation than to spend the weekend with my sister and her little birthday girl! Oh, and it always helps that the kids had an extra 1 1/2 days off school!
---I still have day one pics to add here ---
Day 2- Everyone insisted on hiking 1.3 miles up the mountain. So, we were off! Once again the kids were amazing... running ahead of us and jumping from rock to rock with such grace. We were completely amazed that there were actually so many hikers, even people running up and down the mountain. I attempted to portray the incline in some of these photos.... it wasn't a 'piece of cake'. It was, however, completely worth it! The views were amazing!
Oh, the Barney explanation... I made the mistake of buying the $5.00 Barney movie for Carrigan. She is completely obessed! I think the entire family knows every word to the 'Halloween Bash'!

As we approached this tree Caelyn just couldn't resist touching! She said it looked like gems... it's chewed bubble gum! Ewwww!!! She always sees the brighter things ;)

Back to crossroads to the ropes course. Carrigan completely enjoyed the kiddie one (with a bit of help from daddy!)

Lilli, just hanging out!

We ate dinner at a Fantastic restaurant... Mrs. Katie's. They actually throw (and I mean throw) the rolls at you. This was Carrigan and daddy 'bumping' cause they were so excited about the rolls! Whopee!!


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