Friday, December 31, 2010

34 races this year....

So we figured the big kids were old enough to understand what a New Year's Resolution is.  We talked about it over dinner for a few nights and this is what they came up with.

Caelyn wants to 'do better in school'.  When asked to elaborate she said she didn't know.  She also said she wanted to run in a race and get a medal :)

Carson has said that he would like to get a 'b' time swimming, and run a 5k.

Pretty realistic goals for their first time!

For Caelyns race we have decided that since I plan to run in the Disney Princess Half Marathon in February that she and I will do the 1-mile race.  She wants to work up to the 1-mile.  So cute.

I have no doubt Carson can and will get a 'b' time swimming, and running is almost second nature for him.

Chad has no resolutions, says he is too busy!

My resolution, in honor of turning 34 this year, is to do 34 races.  The only stipulations is that they have to be more than a 5k.  To put this into perspective, I did 9 triathlons, 2-3k's and 2 half marathons in 2010.  Not even half of the 34 for this year! 

First event begins tonight at midnight... only a slight loophole.  It's a 5.5k :)  Running of the Lights.  Sounds like fun, fireworks and the whole path is lined in Christmas lights.  Sounds like there are about 800 people signed up and the weather should be perfect... around 40.  (At our last half marathon it was a bitter 26 degrees).

So, stay tuned... let's see if the 3 of us can keep our resolutions!

Oh, and our resolution for Carrigan is no more pacifier.  We bought her a big girl bed yesterday and she went to sleep in it tonight with no pacy!  What a huge accomplishment for all (probably me more than her because I am not ready to give up my baby)

Oh, and I had to add these pics from earlier this month.  I just can't get over how stinkin' cute my kiddos are :) 


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