Sunday, December 12, 2010

Thunder Road Half Marathon

So after my first half Chad decided he was up for the challenge! Needless to say I am a bit of procrastinator.... I like to wait until the very last minute to register. The forecast was calling for cold, cold rain on race morning. Not my idea of fun! But as the days got closer to registration the rain was to hold off until Sunday and race day looked like the best day in almost 3 weeks!

This was our very cold (and still dark) pre-race pic!

Our timing chips! For some reason I thought these to be super cool. They said the race on them, and we got to keep em! Usually these are lent to you for the race and as soon as you finish you are attacked by 4 people to get their chip back. The first time this happened... I leaned over and about threw up. I let them get their chip off my shoe now.

It was a 7:45 start, at very cold start...30 degrees with a bit of a breeze! There were just over 5,000 runner between the half and the full. The full marathoners ran the first half of their race with us and at mile 12 we separated. Needless to say, I was so happy I wasn't running the full 26.2 miles! Anyways, it was a bit crowded to begin with but seemed to spread out a little after the first mile or so. It was much, much more hilly than the Space Coast half!

Several of my tri and running buddies say they always prefer the awards that are practical...a towel, a hat, a coat...blah, blah, blah. I could care less. If I win a medal, I want the medal. My friends kid me that I am 'all about the hardware!' Maybe one day I will be 'over' the hardware. But for now the kids enjoy us coming home with them, and I like seeing them around the house... a reminder of our hard work!

So, this is our little joke. We always say that we do these events for the sticker (and the hardware, of course). What is a Honda Odyssey without our accomplishment list on the back? So, I joked a marathon runner friend if Chad and I both did the half if it 'qualified' us for a 26.2 sticker (13.1+ 13.1). She quickly said 'NO!' So this one is for you Amy!!... And for the record, Chad and I both are sporting our 13.1 stickers now!


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