Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Runnig of the Lights.... Event #1


We couldn't think of a better way to bring in the new year... other than running. I was kinda bummed when I found out this race was a 5k, disqualifying it from on of my 34 events.  BUT!!!  It's a 5.5k!  :)  Totally qualifies!

This is my buddy Meredith.  We worked together at our first nursing jobs... 10 years ago.  She just had baby #2, doesn't she look great!

I was a little concerned about Chad's knee, he has only run once since the half and could only go a mile because his knee hurt so bad.  He always amazes me and did fantastic!   His best 5k ever! His time was 27:43, he was 107/404 men and 23/59 in his age group!  Awesome!
 I wish I could have taken pictures during this race.  It started with a live feed of the NYC ball drop and we were off.  The first half mile was pretty rough, very dark and lots of pushing and shoving.  After that it spaced out and the lights started.  These are no typical front yard lights.  These are professional, amazing lights!  At the end of the first mile the started fireworks!  Absolutely beautiful!  So much fun!  I had seemed to forget this course... the last mile has really steep hills, really steep.  the first race I did here was the tri I gashed my knee open.  The only race I have ever walked in.  The second was 'Angel's Race'  I raced for Ava and knew the hill wasn't going to get the best of me.  This time around was a little better.  I have learned that I run faster in the cold.
 I ended up 18/481 women and 4th in my age group (only by a bitter 5 seconds!) out of 68 women and my final time was 25:00 minutes.  Was a record for me too!
Notice the snow on the ground.  The thermostats only read 35 but it was chilly, still lots of snow left of the course.

I leave Thursday morning for FL, event #2!  I am traveling alone this time :)  The Disney Half Marathon is Saturday.  The weather looks perfect, and I
 will have a cheering section.  So happy my mom will be there to cheer me on!

Kiddos went back to school today, everyone was happy to return to routine.  Carson will be swimming in a swim meet next weekend.  He is very ready, and we are excited to see how much he has improved.


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