Wednesday, December 19, 2007

It's beginning to look a lot like....

Much anticipated tree photos! We now have 4 trees and counting!! This is Carson's tree. It, appropriately has red lights and a fire helmet. Kinda hard to see all the 'firetruck' ornamanets. There are quite a few!

Here's Caelyn's tree. We did have to remove the pretty purple lights as she found them just too hard to resisit!

And the newest addition to the Michael tree lot! And probably the most fun!

Monday, December 17, 2007


I love this age! Carson and Caelyn are at the pefect age for 'Santa'. We have been talking- up our visit to see Santa for several days now. It was perfect. Santa asked the kids what they wanted for Christmas and if they have been good, Carson hesistated and said... 'Sissy hasn't been!'. Too cute, even Santa laughed. He made sure to tell Carson to keep his rom clean. That is all he has talked about! Too bad Christmas is just once a year!
We have officially completed all of our shopping. Ok, let me rephrase that. I have completed all of our shopping. It's nice to have it over with before the 23rd!

This week seems so busy. The fire station Christmas party, a birthday party and a Happy Birthday Jesus celebration/ party at preschool! Then Christmas with the Michael clan on Saturday! Wishing warms wishes to everyone!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Flip Flops!

So, lately we have been doing the Christmas hussle. 90% of the Christmas shopping was completed before Thanksgiving, but it still seems we are VERY busy. We are (somewhat) enjoying the 90 degree temperatures. Carson insists on asking if he can wear his flip-flops. I finally told him that it is just mommies rule- No flip flops in December! So he has settled for sleeping in only his underwear for 3 consecutive nights!
We broke down this year and decided to decorate the oudside of the house. 2 deer and some outdoor trees, and the kids are estatic. In fact, every time we leave the house Caelyn says, 'Good- bye deer, good-bye Christmas tree, see you soon!'. Absolutely hilarious!

We (Carson and Caelyn) had a great idea of having a tree in their rooms. So our idea of a small (2-3 foot tree) somehow has resulted in a 7 foot tree in each of their rooms. I have to admit that they did a great job. Carson has a traditional green tree. He chose red lights and decorated it with all of our firetruck ornaments. The 'angel' is a fire helmet'. Very cute. Caelyn's choice was a white tree decorated with purple lights, and yes, pink and purple feather boas! It is also very cute. I think they will be very sad to see the season come to and end. Maybe they will be distracted by all of the toys they receive.

These are some recent photos when we lasted visited Asheville, yes it was COLD!!

Carson is becoming ever inquisitive. He is now adding and subtracting and spelling out many words. He talks everyday about kindergarten! Caelyn is still chasing Ray. She does gymnastics once a week and still has amazing flexibility. She is becoming much better at listening, but she still finds it so hard to stay concentrated! Regardless, she is cute!

Hopefully, we'll actually doing something worth posting on here! Seems we are stuck in the daily grind right now. Enjoy the pictures... Love you all!