Saturday, October 31, 2009

A Haunting we will go!

This picture is priceless! We spent about 1o minutes trying to keep her occupied with objects in the direction of the camera. Then she spotted the candy, and it was over.

Carrigan seemed very intent on picking her candy, Carson was concerned with another type of picking!

Blast from the past...2007!

Friday, October 30, 2009

These days.

Last weekend Chad and I celebrated (once again) Andy's and Jenny's nuptials! Since they were married in Mexico, they had a wedding reception here. My pictures were even displayed! We had a great adult evening out.
Shauna, my running idol. I only aspire to run with her!The ER crew!
Looking for things to do with 3 kids, and grandma in tow..

We found ourselves at Carrigan Farms. The kids had a great time, and even let me take some pictures.

Carrigan is trying so hard to walk. This week she stood up by herself, then took 4 steps! Were amazed. Everyday she is more and more confident, but so far will only take 8-10 steps unassisted. Her preferred method is definitely crawling.

We had Carson's parent-teacher conference today. He is doing amazing. It's very difficult to explain, or for me to even understand, how many different skills and levels and ways of testing there are. I believe his teacher when she says he is doing excellent. On one scale the other kids in the class are averaging 3-4, Carson is a 12. The average class goal by the end of first grade is a 12. He is reading better than 98% of the kids his age, nationally. In NC schools you cannot be tested for an 'advanced gifted' program until the third grade. Mrs. Dixon and the 'AG' teacher have developed a program for Carson to encourage him to his full potential. Wow.

School parties all week! I've started a blog for Caelyn's kindergarten class. Here's the link...

Thursday, October 22, 2009

My 'lil punkins!

Just a couple pics from our annual trip to the pumpkin patch We've come to the same one every year since Carson was born. It's definitely getting more challenging to take pictures, but we always seem to draw a crowd!

Couldn't help but adding some from previous years for a comparison! Crazy!


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

'Roughin' It!'

We spent the weekend camping, if you can call it that! We borrowed a friends camper. It is luxury in the woods. We all had a blast! Thanks Mo and Jen!

Worms... yup.. .he's all boy!

Chimney Rock!

Yes, that is our (huge) camper to the left!

Perfecting the Vacation...

Completely appropriate.

The bride... on her honeymoon!

The groom...


Need I say any more...?

Selvatica. This was an amazing tour! We did a series of 12 zip-lines. They guides were amazing, they didn't even give you a chance to be scared. After the zip lines we had a quick tour and rode the segways to a swimming 'hole'. Of course there were more zip lines there. It was beautiful!

Chad... about as graceful as he gets!

All packed up and ready to go... well... not really ready.