Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Let the Games Begin!

Opening day for Little League Baseball was last Saturday. We now have 2 baseball players! Carson is playing coach pitch, and Caelyn t-ball. Both kids are doing surprisingly well.. can't wait to take some action pics! I will add Caelyns pics later, not sure where they ended up!

This is Carson's best friend, Tyler. The lack of teeth in this picture makes me giggle!

The forgotten story...

I guess I forgot to post these pics. Whoops!

So, I was brushing Caelyn's teeth and noticed that she had a 'shark's tooth'. It's where the adult tooth is coming through with the baby tooth still in place. Kinda looks like 2 rows of teeth. The tooth was over halfway in... still not sure how I missed this! I called my friend (her hubby is an orthodontist) who said that the sooner it came out the better. Since the tooth was just a little bit loose we took her in to have it looked it. He was able to pull pretty easily (and after some topical numbing medicine). Caelyn was so excited. We were worried she would fight a and cry, nope! We told her (the day we found it) that she would get $5o if she pulled her tooth out. For every day that went by without it coming out the $ would go down by $1.00. So when Dr. Bret pulled the tooth it was day 2.... we were out $48! There was no getting out of it either. We are just glad that her first dealings with losing a tooth were good.
This is after it was pulled!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Runner's High

I can honestly say that I have sucked at sports most of my life. I tried real hard, it just didn't happen for me. Well, maybe not a big deal for some... but I placed 2nd today in a 5k! ok.... 2nd for my age group... don't be fooled. I was 45rd overall. I wasn't actually running with the intent to place, just to finish. It's actually the same course as I will be doing on the triathlon (in 7 short weeks). I was only mildly intimated by some very good runners I work out with.

All morning Caelyn was talking about winning an award, a trophy, a medal... something. I was like, 'ya, ya whatever!'. I went to get them out of the child care so they could see this! Caelyn was honestly more excited than I was.

Oh, and yes the person that beat me for first place beat me by 2 seconds.

This is a running buddy of mine, she placed 2nd in her age group also. kinda fun!

Oh, ironically enough this was the 'Salisbury Fire Dept, St. Patrick's Day 5k run! Love some firemen :)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Chad rocks the HDL (honey-do-list)!

Ok, so the before pictures are completely embarrssing. We could barely even walk around in the closet. I still had clothes from high school (no joke). Unfortunately Chad wouldn't give up his high school 'letter jacket'.

New coat of paint $25, new shelving unit $880... being completely amazed with hubby (and his handy work)... priceless. Not to mention the 4 days went spent together getting this done (in the closet). So glad he can keep up with my honey-do-list!

Love you honey....

Oh, here is one of the kiddos. It's a little dark, but worth it!