Monday, September 22, 2008

Happy Birthday Caelyn!!

Wow! Chad and I are amazed that we are old enough that our (current) youngest will be turning 4 tomorrow. We celebrated her birthday this weekend, although no family members were able to attend the party....we bribed enough friends to make it a special day for her. Her party was held at a bounce She had a 'Hello Kitty' cake, of which she only licked off the icing. Here is the pic of her getting her face painted, not what it used to be! They airbrushed it on, in less than a minute!

Here'e brother getting in on the action!

So thanks to everyone who helped make her day special! Tomorrow she will have a party at school, and we're planning a special evening...of which includes having people make a big fuss over her and sing happy birthday. (At restaurants she likes to think they are coming to sing to her!)

Over the weekend we also attened the Rowan County Fair. Rednecks at their finest! We had a blast! The kids, yes and I rode an elephant! We (mostly them) inhaled a funnel cake. Caelyn even discovered on her own how to dip it back into the powdered sugar.

oh, the hat! Caelyn and I went to a consignment sale where we found a gorgeous sweater... it came with this hat. She wore it for 24 hours straight, then tried to wear it to school today. It is pretty cute!

Everyone wishing they were old enough (or young enough) to ride the tilt-o-whirl!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Lots going on!


Well, last Friday Chad officially turned 30. The kids and I celebrated by attempting to make and have 30 cards around the house. He even needed some help finding some of them. But the kids had a blast! Caelyn made a cake just for 'daddy'. She did a very good job. Most of the frosting is missing as she had a very hard time missing her mouth with it!

The kids honored the 9/11 victims at both schools. Very interesting how they explained 'the bad guys' to Carson. He very much understands the intensity of the event. Caelyn just knew it was a day that she looked really cute. Her hair kinda fits back into pig tails. She bragged about them all day!

As we were hustling out the door this morning Caelyn comes running in to me saying, 'Look! I'm a mommy!'. I just had to grab a photo! Yes, she does look like a mommy, her mommy! Crazy bit!

Carson is thriving in school, to say the least. Daily we letters home from Mrs. Ritchie about how well behaved and how smart he is. He has been chosen to be the Good Citizen of the month for September. Apparently there are 2 kids from each grade chosen each month. He gets a special lunch this friday! We couldn't be more proud of him!! This is the link to his class website, you can see what Carson and his class are doing for the week! (They definitely didn't have this when we were in kindergarten!)

This is goofy Jake! He hates to get a bath. So in attempt to 'hide' from Chad this is where we found him! Yup, still got the bath.

Here are some of the bridal photos I recently took....

Hard to believe this was only 1 year ago.....

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Caelyn's First Day!!

So, Caelyn finally had her first day of preschool. She has the new teacher 'Ms. Deanna'. After her second day she came home talking about how Ms. Deanna is her best friend, and she doesn't like the boys because when they play pirates they 'shoooop' her! Anyways, she had a great day. Here are a couple of pictures...

This is from the open house. This is Caelyn and one of her very best friends Megan. Megan is still in the
3-year-old class. But they love each other!!

This picture is a little blurry, I just couldn't resist it! They are too cute!

Carson is still enjoying school and still napping every day! He started having PE, art, music and Spanish this week. He's not fond of Spanish. I don't know how with how much Caelyn watches Dora!