Monday, June 23, 2008

Totally enjoying summer!

We have been completely enjoying the summer heat and having no schedule. The kids are now pros at sleeping in and staying up late. We nearly stay in bathing suits and eat ice cream all day long! Ok, not really. The kids are so super tan right now that they actually look like beach bums!
Most importantly Carson is officially a kindergartner! Their end-of-the- year program was amazing. Caelyn sang, like only Caelyn does. Carson received his diploma (cap and gown and all!)

Carson's T-ball ended with a bang, he has really gained some confidence and lots of skills. He went from having to swing at the ball several times off the tee to actually hitting it when being pitched to. His last game he even cought a fly ball!

Both of the kids have successfully completed swimming lessons. They were both surprisingly fearless!
Caelyn's hair is getting longer. In fact, we get so many compliments on her hair! I think it is actually growing out thicker. She has informed us that she never wants long hair again! This picture is not altered! Immediately after waking up!

As my tummy is growing, we are begninng to accept the reality of the new life I am creating. Although much different from my previous pregnancies, it's actually very hard to remember being pregnant! I, more than Chad, am begninning to realize how unprepared we are for this baby. Lots of things to get, and lots of things to get rid of!