Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I wonder who has been helping with my cleaning!

So, we have thise magnetic letters on our refigerator. Caelyn is really interested in spelling and sounds. She likes to put a bunch of radom letters together and try to sound it out. She rarely creates a real word. So today she spelled out CPR, then EKG. Maybe she'll be a cardiologist!. Needless to say, we learned (the abbreviated version) of CPR tonight, EKG will have to be another night!

Sweet Carrigan all decked out! I love the shoes!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Another week...

AFter gymnastics: Best friend Anna and Laney!
Girls evening! Caelyn said the wine tasted like lemonade :)

Boys night at the Monster Truck show! Carson and best friend Luke!

Wow, all 4 of us in one picture! Amazing!

Too cute!
Gettin' some daddy love...
We're thinking Caelyn taught her this. Looks like she has already mastered it! Hmm....

This is sweet Carrigan...
We've changed her reflux medicine because we were unsure if it was helping. It seems that it was at least helping a little... and that it's gotten worse. We are giving it 2 weeks before we make any decisions. She's happy and gaining weight and sleeping through the night but spitting up excessively! We'll take the good with the bad.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valiumtimes day!

I heard that at work roday. Kinda appropriate for the ED... we all got a kick out of it!

For the big V-day Carson took daddy, best friend Luke and Luke's daddy to the Monster Truck show in Charlotte. This was their second annual trip. What a blast. Carson took Luke for his upcoming 6th birthday. (pictures to come...) The girls (Anna who is Caelyn's best friend and Luke's sister, and Mrs. Angie) hung out at the house... complete with bounce house and all. Nothing says romance like hamburgers and hotdogs with 5 kids!

We took this pictures a couple of weeks ago at our big snow...

On a Carrigan update...

Big girl slept in her room for the first time last night! Big deal for mommy, not so much for Carrigan. Still completely a Michael- loving her sleep!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Smiles :)

So I was taking pictures of Carrigan and Carson and Caelyn wanted to know what I was doing. I just said that I was trying to get a picture of her smiling. Caelyn asked if she could help (she usually smiles great for Caelyn). I gladly accepted the help and this is what I got....


So Carrigan is almost 3 months old and this is the best picture I have gotten of all 3 of them!

Smiling Gracie...

She's still sleeping through the night...

Reflux is better, most days....

Brother and sister can't keep their hands out of her face!

Still sleeping in mommy and daddies room (mommy doesn't want her to grow up!)


Friday, February 6, 2009


The shrieks woke me up. Both kids standing on either side of the front door....screaming! We didn't expect any snow, much less 3 inches!

snow ball fight!!

Poor Caelyn was dumped off the sled! She came up completely white! I hate I missed thise pictures. She is warming up in the garage with our portable heater.

We stayed inside and napped

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Ground Hog Day....

I totally forgot that it was ground hog day. Carson came home from school and completely filled me in. One of the best things about his kindergarten teacher is that she is vigilant at keeping the kids up to date on current events. They held their own mock election, they talk about Sasha and Malea in the white house. So of course they discussed ground hog day. His homework was to see if 'phil' saw his shadow. We watched and watched and no mention... so if anyone know the answer please let us know!

To our surprise we were eating dinner, we looked outside and it was a blizzard (ok a NC blizzard!), but still we could barely see the nieghbor's house. It lasted about an hour, long enough to throw some snow balls! A great surprise for a Tuesday night!
I'm just beginning to enjoy our week nights at home. The kids will soon be starting swimming lessons, soccer and t-ball for Carson. I can handle just a couple more weeks of cold evenings spent at home.

My camera is still MIA, luckily I have my 'big' one. Here are just a couple pics from the last couple days...

Yes, I know Caelyn needs her hair cut. Immediately after these pictures last night I cut her bangs myself. She'll get it cut at the end of the week.

I tried and tried to get a picture of Carrigan smiling... maybe better luck tomorrow.