Friday, May 28, 2010

Spring Break!

I am just now realizing that I never blogged about our Spring Break trip!
After such a long and cold winter everybody was so happy to be outside enjoying the warmth!

We had a wildly fantastic time, visited Animal Kingdom for the first time and Hollywood Studios where both older kiddos lived out their dreams of becoming real Jedi's! Even Chad was chosen to participate in a 'movie'. The kids were so excited!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Swim, bike, run...

My mentor, and incredible friend... Sarah. Yes, my cap is a little... um... weird.

Sometimes I feel like our schedules are a grueling... I will meet you here with x-kid, you drop x-kid off while I run x-kid there. Planning for the weeks lunches, bringing snacks to baseball, taking birthday snacks to school. It is always something. So, since my new found interest in doing triathlons I didn't realize this would have such a huge impact on the entire family. They rock, no other way to put it. The kiddos would do anything (especially when I come home with a medal!) But Chad is incredible, amazing and selfless. He rearranges schedules brings kids where they need to be... and oh yah is the BEST cheerleader ever!
I am so lucky.

Leaving swim (6 laps)... beginning bike (11.4 miles).

End of bike... finally! Curvy, hilly and narrow roads! I am having helmet issues. Apparently I rode the 12 miles with my helmet crooked!

Run 3.1 miles

Finish!! My overall time for this one was 1:20. It was a whole 7 minutes slower than the last. The course was significantly more hilly. All is all... I did good. I finished first for my age group (out of 11) and 10th overall women (out of 50). Today while I was biking, I swore this would be my last...tonight I signed up for my next one on June 5th.


Everyone in this pic is from Salisbury. We all 'medaled'!