Sunday, July 25, 2010

One more tri...

I forgot to upload some pics of out most recent tri... we were actually pretty brave by doing it the morning we left for the beach. It definitely made the beach that much sweeter. We were absolutely exhausted by the time we arrived, but was well worth it! Our times are getting better (minus my run time, as to be expected). This race was a great one, I think we actually might be getting the hang of this!

The shorts have a story of their own. A few girls and I are planning to do a 'tri' together in a couple weeks. It makes it that much more fun if we have matching outfits. So, we found these great shorts! They were absolutely the talk of this tri. Everybody had a comment. Kept me moving... at the least! No award this time. It was a much larger event with almost 500 participants. I placed 4th in my age group (and they only award up to 3rd!) So, still a big accomplishment as to what I have been 'babying' my shins splints and my bum knee.

Chad finishing T2 (or transition from bike to run)...

Great finish!

I happened across this page the other day. Actually not sure what it means. But it was kinda exciting to see that I was ranked 3rd....

For now we keep on training, I think I have Chad convinced to do a half marathon in the fall :)

Carson has becomed extremely interested in swim team at our Y. I have been speaking with the coach who seems very excited. They are winding down their season now and plan to start back after labor day. Hopefully with Carson a part of the team... who knew?

As for the girls... they are very much enjoying their summer. Most days consist of the Y and the pool (rough life). We have almost mastered sleeping in, as today it was almost 8:00 before everyone woke-up :) We are still planning one more florida adventure... then it's back to school planning. As for now we are doing everything we can to stay cool, which isn't an easy feat. Actually, funny story... we finally found a 'beer fridge' for our garage. We were planning to take the one we just replaced from our kitchen and put it in the garage, but it was such a piece of junk we let it go. Anyways, a coworker of Chad's had one that he would give us! Perfect! I made his favorite dessert... peanut butter brownies! We hand delivered them to the station... and of course on the way home I got a ticket! So our 'free' fridge actually ended up costing us $175. Nothing is ever free! But we have cold drinks, and beer now :)

Friday, July 16, 2010

Coppertone cuties!

It always seems that the trip to the beach takes FOREVER!! This trip was no different...
Chad loves to drive his truck which means that the kid are pretty much sitting on top of each of the the entire trip. While we have tried to make this as comfortable as possible, they just get sick of each other. At one point.... well... pictures speak a thousand words.

Yup... it was pretty loud in there!

Needless to say, it didn't take long before they we playing in the sand.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Beach week!!!

Other than beach, beach and more beach... We ventured off the island today!

Just waiting for the ferry... Carrigan perfecting her driving noises!

We took a car ferry over to Fort Fisher and went to the aquarium. The kids had a blast! Caelyn has been on a 'kick' about giving fish kisses. Too cute when this fish came face to face with her... giving her fish kisses :) We all got a good laugh out of it!

Carson touching everything he possibly can...

Caelyn touching as little as possible.

The infamous 'Provision Company' at Southport for dinner!

Double Trouble!

Really not sure what she was up to here, then again... we usually never are :)

Stopping for ice cream...

Attempt at beach pics... camera acting up.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

tap, tap, tapper!

Making up for lost blogs...